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A. Catrel, Long Island, NY  

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A revolutionary, all-natural plant-based formula, popular in Japan for nearly 2 decades now, that can Drop Up To A Decade (10 Years) From Your Face In Just 30 Days.

This new natural anti-aging development is such a major development in anti-aging that many men and women are rethinking the idea of investing hundreds, even thousands of dollars in overpriced magic potions, needle injections, or cosmetic surgery.

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By taking just one capsule a day,
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Your skin is bolstered with a revolutionary new supplement with results that you will adore.

"This New Anti-Aging Breakthrough Works So Amazingly That It's Almost Miraculous!"
- - Dr. Steve Klayman,
General Medical Consultant, PhytAge Laboratories.

Hi, I'm Dr. Steve Klayman. In this presentation you'll learn the secret behind how this new amazing plant-based skin supplement works to peel years-off of aging.

And you'll find out how you can try it in your home risk-free, for a full year

But not everyone is happy

about this new anti-aging technology!

You'll see what I mean by that in a minute...

There are two types of people in this world.

The first is the type of person who's thrown in the towel...

and surrendered to the toll aging has taken on his or her face.

You know who I'm talking about: The etched-in eye wrinkles, deepened frown lines, sagging skin, eye bags and age spots. For them, it's just another pain of getting older.

The second type of person is a fighter...

He or she refuses to look into the mirror and see a taunting old face reflected back.

If you're the second type of person who's eager to discover a proven solution to cheat your age and keep your skin in showroom shape6 - then you'll love this new discovery.

It requires no creams... no surgery...

and no injections!

For nearly 20 years now, the Japanese have been using a special nutrient to beautify their skin and appear years younger.

But it wasn't until recently that the Japanese have used a special twist on this ingredient that amplifies its power to virtually peel years of aging right off!

The good news is, you don't have to be a spectator and just read about this anti-aging breakthrough.

I'll soon be showing you a way that you can actually try it for yourself... Free of Risk.

And to facilitate this, I've set up what I call...

"The 30-Day Challenge"

You can prove this new breakthrough works in the comfort of your home and decide for yourself if thousands of other people, just like you, are really onto something.

I'm confident that after those 30 days are up, you'll be thrilled to see...

Eye wrinkles diminished1

Under-eye bags smoothed out2

Frown lines faded3

Age spots near invisible4

Dry skin vanished5

Tighter, smoother skin

As exciting as this is... the real fireworks happen in the following weeks.


If You Don't Mind Looking Like The Age On Your Driver's License - Then This is NOT For You..

Until recently, few people in North America heard about this.

That was until a famous TV doctor (you know who he is) did an episode on this new way to combat an aged appearance.

We described it as a "face-lift in a capsule" that could drop a decade from your face.

Perhaps you don't know why calling it a, "Face-Lift In a Capsule" is a such a HUGE compliment.

It's because in anti-aging science a face-lift is considered the gold standard of facial rejuvenation.

What is a face lift?

A face-lift is a surgical procedure designed to enhance your appearance. It involves surgical work to reduce creases below the eyelids and diminish frown lines, reworking fat, muscle tone, and more.

The catch is, this is a serious surgical procedure that involves possible complications, takes up to six months to recover from, and doesn't offset the aging process after the procedure has been done.

Plus - it can cost a whopping

$6,792 just in surgeon fees alone!

Now though, we don't believe you need to go under the knife to get "face-lift" results.

This new anti-aging breakthrough has been proven in both medical studies and Japanese popular opinion.7 It involves no knife, no recovery time, and it's affordable for virtually anyone.

What's more, this new break-through doesn't just roll back aging; it works to offset future aging as well!8

Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Haven't Heard About
This Skin Rejuvenating Secret, Till Now!

We wanted to produce PhytAge +Plus only in a U.S.A. FDA-Registered, state-of-the-art production facility. This is HUGE NEWS, because one of the secrets as to why PhytAge +Plus works is because of its purity. Each and every bottle is produced pure, with no fillers and no artificial ingredients. Special business interests are scared senseless that this anti-aging breakthrough does more than just rival their production, but even surpasses many!

Name-brand manufacturers don't want their customers to see it, so they buy up all the ad space to block advertising for this new product. They blanket major media with press releases to squeeze out PR for products that compete with theirs. And they've got the multi-million dollar budget to play dirty.

There are about 60,000 plastic surgeons and other cosmetic practitioners in the United States that offer cosmetic injections, face-lifts, and similar procedures. As you can imagine, they don't want to lose out on thousands of dollars due to this new discovery. They too want this anti-aging marvel kept quiet.

But that doesn't matter anymore.

Today, within the next 5 minutes, you're going to discover the anti-aging breakthrough these companies don't want you to know about.

So what is this anti-aging marvel and how does it work?

To understand how this anti-aging fighter works, you must first understand the process of aging.

Why Do You Keep Seeing More Lines in Your Face?

Your skin is an organ with five layers. The aging process is visible in the outermost layer... the layer that you and everyone else sees.

This outermost skin layer is called the stratum corneum.

This layer is made up of flattened, firm, dead skin cells that look like overlapping bricks. These "bricks" start as living cells from the lower layers of your skin.

Over time, these "bricks" are pushed to the surface of your skin and then they die leaving behind a hard layer.

Being that these skin cells on the outermost surface are in this state, it would seem they'd easily rub off, but they don't.

That's because they're held together by something that acts like "cement" to hold these "bricks" in place..

This cement is of particular importance because close to 40% of it is made up of what are called ceramides..

(Remember that word, "ceramides".).

So these flat cells and this "cement" provide you with a natural seal that performs a couple important functions for you :

1.They prevent germs, toxins, and other unwanted things from sneaking into your skin.

2. And they work to lock in moisture.

Every 39 days, the outer layer skin cells are replaced by skin cells coming from the deeper layers of your skin.

But, studies show that after you reach age 50... it takes 50% longer than normal to replace the skin cells of your outer skin layer.

That's not the only thing working a little slower. As you age, the lipids and ceramides, which make up the "cement mix" of your skin aren't created as readily, or fully either.

This means that your skin has a harder
time retaining moisture - That's bad!

But there's another danger

to your skin...

Chronic oxidative stress and inflammation are busy wearing your skin down too.

In particular, the collagen in your skin (which is the main structural skin protein) and the elastin in your skin (gives it springiness), don't work like they used to...

All told, this contributes to a loss of moisture in your skin - especially the outer layer, which of course is the layer that everyone sees.

As your skin dries out and is bombarded by oxidative stress, it leads to a cascade effect that grooves in more wrinkles, lines, and signs of aging.

Upon reading this, any sane person would conclude they should run out and buy a good moisturizer, right?

At first glance this seems smart, but wait! You'll needlessly spend your money.

There's now a far more effective & better way.

And here's why.

Moisturizers Don't Work

Nearly As Well

While store-bought moisturizers can help, the real trick to fully moisturizing your skin is to do it from the inside out.

This way, all five layers of your skin benefit and the moisture is then locked in.

Again - this is where ceramides
come into play.

And remember, your outer skin layer consists of cells from the lower four skin layers.

Thus, you get more moisture retention from feeding your skin from the inside, rather than only slathering on expensive anti-wrinkle lotion which can't penetrate all five skin layers.

Ceramides play the pivotal role

in aging and wrinkles.

That's why they're the master key to your youthful, dazzling skin.

Dermatologists call them the 'kryptonite' to Father Time.

With ceramides, it becomes difficult for wrinkles to become etched into your skin because ceramides plump up skin and give it springiness.9

So how do you replenish your ceramides?

Ceramides exist in many foods you eat already. But there's one little problem...

The amount of ceramides found in your food just aren't enough to compensate for your body's inability to produce enough of them.

Put another way, due to old age your body simply can't produce enough ceramides to offset the moisture loss in your skin.

This is why you must actively replenish your ceramides to fend off the ravages of aging.

The best way to replenish your ceramide loss is by consuming "plant-based ceramides."

That's because they have the same exact chemical makeup as ceramides produced by our body.

The ceramides derived from plants are called


And they work to rebuild the outer layers of your skin to help reduce dryness by improving moisture retention ... but unlike serums and lotions - where it works only where applied... Taken in capsule form, this new, phytoceramide supplement works throughout your entire body!

The result ... is a synergy that works from the inside out, leading to more supple, fresh and beautiful looking skin.10

During the early 1990's, U.S. cosmetic companies started realizing how vital ceramides were to skin beauty, so they added them to their topical skin care formulas, foundations and lipsticks.

It was a great idea and it helped. But still everyone In North America was missing out on the true benefits of ceramides....

They were close BUT they missed this "twist"

that makes all the difference!.

You see, the Japanese were ahead of everyone in this game because they were producing oral supplements that contained high enough doses of phytoceramides..

A ceramide replenishment through an oral capsule is the only way to fully moisturize your skin..

That's because the phytoceramides are carried through your bloodstream into the layers of your skin, from the inside out..

The fresh delivery of new ceramides to your skin replaces your ceramides lost due to normal cell shedding, skin damage and aging.

This way you're completely moisturizing and replenishing your skin from the inside out just like your body is designed to do.

That's why these oral phytoceramides achieve incredible results that completely and utterly outdo cosmetic creams formulated with phytoceramides.

Let's look at a few studies that demonstrate the total moisturizing power of phytoceramides.

The Results "Wow" Participants and Researchers Alike!


In a 4-week, placebo controlled study, participants took an 80 mg capsule every day containing the wheat phytoceramide formula.

95% of those participants saw an increase in moisture in their skin compared to only 45% in the placebo group.

Needless to say, the researchers were tickled pink with the results.

What's important to note here is that it takes about four weeks for new skin cells to move from the deeper layers to the outermost layer.

So it takes about four weeks to see major results.

But wait...

you might be thinking...

4 weeks till I see big results!?

If you think 30 days is too long to bring about this amazing change in the outermost layer of your skin. Remember, the process is a real solution to anti-aging that gets into the cells, builds new collagen, and repairs damaged skin.

Remember it can take up to six months for a full recovery from a face-lift! That involves swelling, redness, and other issues. Compare that to a painless wait of 30 days from phytoceramides.


Due to the amazing results seen in the previous study, researchers wanted to dig deeper. So they did a 90-day follow up study.

This time they specifically used test subjects who had bad and/or dry skin problems.

That's important to note because dry skin is a breeding ground for wrinkles and unsightly signs of aging. So the researchers performed a 2nd study, giving test subjects a 200 mg capsule of phytoceramides. (A bigger dose)...

What was the result?

Researchers found age reversal and skin hydration significantly improved for 95% of test subjects - incredible!

Almost 10 out of 10 people saw results!

These are amazing clinical observations.

Ceramide increases betters skin quality And increases hydration retention.

Your Skin Is

Waiting For This!

Two More Ways Phytoceramides Throw a Monkey-Wrench Into the Gears of Aging...

1. Phytoceramides Restore Youthful Texture

As you age, enzymes elastase, meaning they break down the elastin in your skin. Elastin is very important to having a youthful appearance. That's because it's a spring-like protein that gives your skin suppleness and elasticity.

Phytoceramides made from plants stop the elastase enzyme from attacking your elastin. This lets your skin regain its youthful springiness and soft, supple texture.

2. Fights Free Radicals

Plant based phytoceramides were found to be an excellent free radical scavenger...

Which means it reduces oxidative stress and the radiation damage of skin tissue.

So, how safe are Phytoceramides?

Here's how safe...

Phytoceramides are found in dairy, rice, and sweet potatoes.

Remember, "phyto" simply means "plant".

Since the 90's many world-famous brands of lipsticks have contained phytoceramides.

Phytoceramides are chemically the same ceramides produced by your own body.

Wave Goodbye to Wrinkles

and Age Spots!

Say "Hello!" to Skin that Hides Your True Age!

Do you have age spots and want to get rid of them?

If so, phytoceramides are here to save the day!

That's because they work to inhibit melanogenesis.11

Melanogenesis is a process where your skin produces pigments that give skin its unique tone and color.

When it comes to age spots or brown spots, this melanogenesis process is in overdrive.

Ceramides slow this process down. For you, this means in 30 days you can see substantial diminishing of your age spots.12

If you already have products on hand for reducing age spots, you can free up counter space by tossing them out.

Because phytoceramides do a better job - even better than ascorbic acid, arbutin, and ellagic acids.

What's the Catch?

A surgical face-lift procedure is immediate, but can take as long as 6 months for full recovery and is not a long-term solution to combat further aging...

With phytoceramides, you'll wait a mere 30 days for the sizzle to show up in your skin and you'll continually have a natural anti-aging skin product that:

  • Repairs skin damage13
  • Rejuvenates and hydrates14
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles15
  • Renews skin cells from within

Perhaps the best part is that you can now do more than just read about the extraordinary age-defying benefits of phytoceramides...

Now you are about to directly

benefit from them!


PhytAge +Plus

Natural Anti Aging Formula

...a superior, phytoceramide in veggie caps!

Now you can enjoy amazing skin without surgery, without the needles, without expensive doctor visits.

PhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula contains a synergistic potency of fresh phytoceramides that amazingly give your skin a more supple, youthful look.

Take PhytAge +Plus once daily and we're so certain that you'll be so amazed with the results in 30 days that...

We're letting you try it without risking a single penny!

More on that in a minute.

First, please allow me to ask you a very real question.

Are You A Bit Concerned About

The Person You See in The Mirror?

If you're like most people, as years go by, the reflection staring back at you from the mirror gets a little less youthful by the day -- of course, for some of us , that little, is much more like a lot.

Not only is your skin aging as it normally should, but chances are, the stress of day-to-day living... sleep deprivation... or an unhealthy diet and lifestyle may be accelerating the aging of your skin.

Would you like the ability to stop your skin's aging process and even reverse it?

How good would it make you feel to see your face in the mirror looking younger with every passing day?

PhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula

is the answer.

There are only a handful of oral phytoceramide solutions available on the market today and PhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula outperforms those products in three ways:

1. Optimal Ceramides Potency

Higher levels of phytoceramides means you'll wait less and see bigger results.

PhytAge +Plus contains phytoceramides.The same ingredient used in numerous studies that bring about amazing lab tested results.

2. Non-GMO & Gluten Free

PhytAge +Plus has no genetically modified or engineered organisms which can pose health risks & no glutens, found in wheat and related grains, which also pose health risks to many and can hinder results.

3. Contains Four Powerhouse Antioxidants

PhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula supplies you with 100% of your daily needed daily value of...

Vitamin A (5000 IU): helps neutralize the damaging effects of oxidation caused by free radicals. Oxidation from free radicals is believed to be a cause of age-related degeneration. Vitamin A intake is also believed to help with circles under the eyes.

Vitamin C (60 mg): This vitamin helps alleviate damage caused by free radicals. What's more, it's helps regenerate other antioxidants in the body. It also works to improve firmness of skin and improves collagen production, giving your skin a firmer, youthful appearance.

Vitamin D (400 IU): Sufficient Vitamin D minimizes acne, boosts skin elasticity, stimulates collagen production, enhances radiant skin, and helps lessen lines and the appearance of dark spots according to some dermatologists.

Vitamin E (30 IU): This vitamin helps skin retain moisture. And it has a big reputation for also protecting your body from the harmful effects of free radicals which are known to cause aging.

The testimonials have flown in reporting that those who've used PhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula said it was the best skin care product they've ever used.

"It's Like Getting an Anti-Aging Facial


And now, you can try this revolutionary skin rejuvenating product RISK-FREE!

You see, PhytAge products are completely different than the innumerable topical skin creams you see filling the shelves of your local malls and beauty stores...

Those big name product manufacturers get MASSIVE price breaks to crank out millions & millions of bottles of creams, lotions, and potions. Many having no effect on anti-aging whatsoever.

We do the complete opposite here with PhytAge +Plus...

We use the most cutting edge research and then we circle the globe to find the very best ingredients in the most pure formulations for our anti aging formula...

Which Also Explains The Extremely Limited Supply Of What Many Call An "Absolutely, Amazing Anti Aging Supplement".

The Regular Price for the PhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula is:

$137 A Bottle

But, don't even begin to think you're paying anything even close to that...

We Do Admit Though That $137 Would Still Be A Huge Bargain, Considering The Cutting Edge PhytAge +Plus Formula Combines Only The Most Pure Ingredients Found Anywhere On The Globe...

Which are then shipped straight to our U.S.A. FDA-Registered, state-of-the-art production facility where each and every bottle is produced pure, with no fillers and no artificial ingredients.

After which, each bottle is then sealed, packed & delivered right to your door, with our...


PhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula is NOT available in any store, or on any other website...

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As a result of that goal, we've instructed the lab to set aside an entire supply of PhytAge +Plus for everyone in our VIP Group so that YOU can share YOUR success stories with us, and our team.

This enables our team of scientists to have a growing body of evidence to show the long term properties of this amazing product.

Just Stop And Think About This...

It's a trend among day spas and medical spas to offer an anti-aging facial.

Anti-aging facials usually cost considerably more than standard facials. One of the top day spa chains in San Francisco, California charges $235 for a single, topical only, anti-aging facial.

And that leading anti-aging facial uses just one of the numerable anti-aging ingredients contained in thePhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula. You're about to begin the re-transformation into the younger you, today.

Because using PhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula is like getting an anti-aging facial every single day, but at a tiny fraction of the cost.

What Will Your Skin Look Like

4 to 6 Weeks from Now?

Right now, what you're purchasing is a key to a more youthful you. You now have the opportunity to not just make your skin look biologically younger, but to actually make it healthier as you do it.

With the daily use of PhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula it's not uncommon for ceramides to bring about extraordinary changes in your skin -- and a dramatic reduction of wrinkles -- in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.16

Six weeks will come and go -- whether you like it or not.

But in 6 weeks' time, you could either have rejuvenated skin that looks so much younger than your chronological age -- or you could have the same kind of skin you have today -- along with the same rate of its current aging.

Supple, Beautiful, Attractive Skin

Without the Face-Lift Price

At last, you don't need to spend $197 or more on name-brand anti-aging beauty creams that don't replenish ceramide loss. No longer do you have to bear the pain of needles for a cosmetic shot which easily costs $400 per treatment.

Because PhytAge +Plus is the better deal.

PhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula contains safe, yet high, doses of phytoceramides, plus 4 powerful antioxidants to fully rejuvenate and continually work to protect your skin as it simultaneously gives it a healthy glow!

For the cost of one facial, you can have four bottles of PhytAge +Plus Natural Anti Aging Formula.

Each bottle is a 30-day supply..., so 4 bottles will last you 4 months / 120 days!

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